Dutch Language Education in Southern California

        Dutch School of Southern California

  • Provides Dutch language and culture education for preschool, primary and secondary education. 
  • With professional teachers on a high level (supported by the NOB, the Dutch inspection and Cito).
  • At three different locations in Southern California: North Hollywood (Valley Village), Orange County (Santa Ana) and San Diego (La Jolla).
  • On Saturday mornings from 9am to 12:15pm.
  • Our classes are online right now because of Covid-19. If you are interested in online classes (also for adults and children who do not speak Dutch yet) please send a message to lligthart@dutchschoolsocal.org.

Nice reference in covid-19 times

"What did you do during the pandemic? I believe this question will be asked a lot when we’re finally through this crazy time. My son Max and I decided we would learn Dutch. Just, you know, as a break from Fall Guys, Roblox and Pokemon Go. It’s been much more fun than we anticipated. Our teacher, Judith, is awesome and Quizlet is a really engaging and effective way of learning. Wehave a weekly zoom class with Judith and homework in between lessons. The progress we have made has surpassed my expectations and Max and I are looking forward to returning to Holland this summer with a big surprise for his many cousins.

Amid all the sadness that Covid has brought, it has provided us with an opportunity to spend much more time together as a family. Use this time wisely. Learn Dutch so your extended family can’t tell secrets about you while you’re in the room!"

Watch the little promo movie from the school:                                                                                    - Nederlands                                                                                                                                      - Engels

The Dutch School of Southern California is the first and only school in the region providing education in the Dutch language and culture. The school's mission is to provide high quality education in both language and culture to Dutch/Flemish speaking children in Southern California.The Dutch School of Southern California also organizes several cultural events throughout the year. Sinterklaas en Kings-day are already on our calendar.

Opting for Dutch education abroad primarily ensures a good connection with the Dutch / Flemish school system in the event of a return. Dutch education helps your children to maintain their cultural identity. This way they remain connected to their "roots". Furthermore, by keeping track of Dutch/Flemish, they can continue to communicate well with their family and friends abroad.

NEW                                                                                                                                                     - Secondary Education (at school and online)                                                                                  - Learn Dutch as a Second Language. We have these classes at school and online (private as well as group lessons) for Adults as well as Children (4 to 18 years) who want to learn Dutch.          - CNaVT (Certificate Dutch as a foreign language)