Why is the Dutch school the right choice?

  • Group lessons, the children learn a lot from each other, make friends and talk Dutch;
  • Children have better contact with family and friends in the Netherlands;
  • After returning to the Netherlands, children will feel home faster socially and emotionally;
  • Ensures a good connection to the Dutch school system after returning to the Netherlands;
  • Children can choose later in life to (temporarily) study or work in the Netherlands;
  • Children who just moved to the US experience the school like coming home in a safe place;
  • Parents often find it difficult to teach their children themselves - at home;
  • For parents themselves, it is also nice to meet other Dutch parents. 

Good connection

Choosing for a Dutch education abroad primarily ensures a good connection to the Dutch/Flemish school system in case of a possible return.
The Dutch education helps your children to maintain their cultural identity as well. This way they stay connected with their ‘ roots ‘and can continue to improve and maintain their language skills with friends and family back home.

Easier to learn a new language
It has scientifically been proven that children who maintain their mother tongue struggle less when it comes to learning a new language. They are also able to learn other languages faster. 

Study or work in the Netherlands or Belgium

Learning the Dutch language and culture at a young age, provides you with a greater opportunity to continue an education in The Netherlands or Belgium.

Safe place

For many children, entering a new country and a new language is a challenging experience. Children who attend Dutch classes, even only for a few hours per week, experience this as a safe heaven. They can share experiences with other children in their own language. Certainly after a move to a foreign country, this can be very beneficial.

A chance or returning

There is always a chance of returning to the Netherlands or Belgium. It will be a great advantage if your child has continued his or her education in a Dutch school. It will enhance their vocabulary over and above of what they learned at home. With this support it will be easier for them to (re)enter the Dutch of Belgian education system.

Added value of Dutch education
Continued Dutch language education is demanding for parents and children. With support from home and possibly speaking Dutch at home, children can make great progress in mastering Dutch. The classes of the Dutch school will extend and enhance this learning with vocabulary, sentence structures and reading exercises. The school also provides for cultural experiences so children see Belgium and the Netherlands from a boarder perspective.

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