On Saturday the 21st of December our schools celebrated the upcoming vacation and did lots of nice Christmas activities.

North Hollywood
The children of group 5/6 made ​​gingerbread houses and did a typical Flemish tradition. Click here to read more about this tradition.

Most students chose the following poem:
January 1, 2014, Dearest Mommy and Daddy,
The cook is there,
with a special dish
for the new year:
a spoonful of love,
a bit of luck,
a few drops of peace
and it cannot go wrong!
made with a lot of attention,
I really hope it tastes!

In Dutch it rhymes but not in English unfortunately.

Orange County
In Orange County the year ended with  fun and festive activities, carols and a Christmas potluck.


San Diego
Also in San Diego the lessons were all about Christmas: "Fahd and Raven decorate the clubhouse. In the background you can hear Christmas songs. Raven thinks they are old-fashioned songs, he wants a modern Christmas song. Something that can become a real a hit. Raven and Fahd quickly write a text, but when it comes to the music they both have different ideas. They both start working on a nice Christmas song."