Culture days

North Hollywood - Ice skating

North Hollywood - Celebration of Dutch Children's Book Week 

It was a very successful, enjoyable and educational day for children, parents, teachers, visitors and special guests. The theme of the culture day this year was 'science and technology'.

We started with the traditional "touwtrekken" in various combinations (children against teachers, parents against children, daddies against the moms, etc.).

Then our games started: t-shirts coloring, contests with solar cars, doing very cold exciting things with liquid nitrogen, watch tiny living things through microscopes from Martin Kast and his USC team, learn about the universe, galaxies, and other physical phenomena.

This year, the cultural day was also about fundraising as the schools needs money now that the subvention is gone. The family Rotteveel offered bulbs, gravel and glass jars from Dutch Grown. Thus, the children made pretty jars and sold them for $ 5 each. It was a great activity and everything was sold.

After the games there were old Dutch games on the playground, a bouncy castle and we've had lunch together.

Thanks to everyone who helped and volunteered for this fun and special day, and all the children and parents and visitors thank you very much for your presence. Thanks also to our special guests: Justin Verduyn (Chairman of the NAS), Nonnie Utrecht (she once hosted the Dutch school in her own Montessori school), Martin Kast with his USC team, Jeff Keasberry (Chairman of the UNO and NAF), Samba Schutte (actor, comedian and writer), and not forgetting our own Honory Consul Johannes van Tilburg! It's nice to see that the Dutch organizations get closer.

                                         Actor and stand up comedian Samba Schutte & 
                                             Martin Kast a la Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

Orange County - Celebration of Dutch Children's Book Week   

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  • San Diego school - A special reading breakfast with Dutch pancakes.