This year’s Sinterklaas party took place on Sunday, December 6, in San Pedro. It was organized by the Dutch School of Southern California and led by Monique Furuike. With over 350 visitors, the festival was a huge success. Children were excitedly singing and waving on the dock when Sinterklaas and his helpers arrived by boat. But not as excitedly as our Honorary Consul and the parents! We briefly imagined ourselves in the Netherlands when the pepernoten flew around our ears. 





Inside the children sang for Sinterklaas, directed by Ms. Anke (teacher at the Orange County location). 

There was an opportunity for games, arts and crafts, and entering to win baskets with goodies. The children received a chocolate letter as well as a gift. 

Lots of people bought raffle tickets in order to win one of the beautiful baskets to support the school. The silent auction was very popular too.

We had the pleasure to receive a check of 2,500$ that was given to us by Jeff Keasberry from the UNO. This is for the voluntary help of our parents during the King's Day in Santa Monica and the Holland Festival in Long Beach. 

And everyone received a delicious, traditional Dutch lunch consisting of sandwiches with “hagelslag”, fries with peanut sauce, and small pancakes. That a party like this is possible in Los Angeles, far away from Netherlands, is fabulous! Many people have worked hard for this and can look back on a beautiful afternoon.


San Pedro
Our annual Sinterklaas in San Pedro has been a huge success again. With more participants than last year, we celebrated the arrival of Sinterklaas. The children have been busy with crafts, shuffleboard/sjoelen (a selfmade donation), "koekhappen", cotton candy/suikerspinnen, and of course their visit to Sinterklaas and his helpers. Every child received a nice gift and got a chocolate letter from Sinterklaas. And there was typical Dutch food: pea soup, sandwiches with sprinkles/hagelslag, pancakes etc. Thanks to all the donations, we had many beautiful raffle prizes.





Activities at our San Diego school 
The children of group 1/2 have been working hard to learn everything about Sinterklaas. They also read stories about Jip and Janneke who put their shoes in front of the fireplace for Sinterklaas. And of course they learnt many new Sinterklaas songs. At night there has been a visit from Sinterklaas at the school, while they did not even put their shoes out!

Activities at our North Hollywood school

Letter from Teun from group 5 to his Grandmother in Holland

                                              Drawing from Quinn from group 1/2 
Sinterklaas face 

Activities at our Orange County school
Two students have been busy making "pepernoten".