It is Sinterklaas time! Time for a colorful party for the kids! 

As many of you have learned, there is quite a discussion going on about the face color of Sinterklaas' helpers. We Dutch are guests in this country and we feel that the traditional piet is too controversial for the American culture.  After a lot of research we have decided to step away from this controversy to avoid any negative publicity for our school.

Therefore, the Pieten in Los Angeles will have very festive PARTY colors. We are confident that this still guarantees anonymity for all of our Piets.

From the Dutch Club of Chicago we have learned that the kids enjoy the party just as much as in previous years. 

We do realize that this is a big change for many of you, but we also hope you understand our position. 

How do I explain this to my kids?

Good question! Here how you can explain the changes to your kids:

On it's way to the United States the boat of Sinterklaas hit a rainbow and all of the piets have gotten party colors.  This also explains why they can look different from their counterparts in Holland.