As of 15 years old, students can obtain a Certificate for Dutch as a Foreign Language (Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal, CNaVT). The CNaVT has various profiles (see below). The students follow the profile best suited to them. The Dutch School of SoCal is an official site for administering the Certificate. Exams take place in May every year.

The CNaVT certifies language proficiency of Dutch as a foreign language worldwide, using task based and domain specific exams related to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The CNaVT is a project commissioned by the Dutch Language Union and the exams are developed by the Centre for Language and Education at the university of Leuven. The CNaVT exams are organized all around the world for (young) adults who want to prove their language proficiency in Dutch with an internationally recognized certificate.

Advantages of CNaVT for our students age 15+

With a higher level of the CNaVT students may qualify for:
  • Acceptance at Dutch and Belgian institutions for higher education (Level B2)
  • California (and other US States’) Seal of Biliteracy (level B1 or B2, depending on the school district)
  • With the Seal of Biliteracy, students qualify for credits for college

Why and which exam to take?

People learn Dutch for a variety of reasons. For example to study, live or work in a Dutch-speaking environment. For this reason the CNaVT develops five exams every year. The exams serve different purposes and are related to different levels of language proficiency in the CEFR. By passing an exam candidates prove that they mastered enough Dutch to be able to speak, have conversations, listen, read and write in certain contexts. To decide which exam is most suitable, candidates should compare the description of the exams and of the CEFR levels with their needs.

  • Maatschappelijk Informeel (INFO) – A2. For those who want to demonstrate they can manage in informal everyday situations.
  • Maatschappelijk Formeel (FORM) – B1. For those who want to demonstrate they can manage independently in more formal contexts in the Dutch or Flemish society.
  • Zakelijk Professioneel (PROF) – B2. For those who need Dutch in an occupational context, more specifically in healthcare and administration.
  • Educatief Startbekwaam (STRT) – B2. For those who would like to start a study at a Flemish or Dutch institution of higher education.
  • Educatief Professioneel (EDUP) – C1. For those who want to demonstrate they can manage in education or business and therefore need Dutch language skills on a high level.

How to prepare?

Here you can find sample exams to practice with. Furthermore, the teacher can help the candidate prepare the exam. 

For more information about the CNaVT, please send an email to