Donation Drive

This year we would like to do a donation drive to raise money for our school. We kindly ask you to consider a donation, whether or not in exchange for a DSSoCal gift. The gift varies with the amount of the donation. Click here to see which gift is available per dollar amount. For this first DSSoCal Donation Drive the gifts are only available for a limited time. Saturday March 10 is the last day on which the gifts are offered (donations without gifts are possible all year round!). You can pay online by credit card. After 10 March, the gifts are ordered and handed out at school after a few weeks.

The Dutch School of Southern California is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our tax ID number is 20-2223695. Donaties of up to $75 are tax deductible in full. If you donate more than $75, your donation minus the article value is tax-deductible. Please keep the confirmation of your donation and credit card receipt as confirmation of your donation for tax purposes.