Groups and tuition methods

  • Native Language Classes for children (at school) - because of covid-19 these class are online right now.

Peutergroep - toddler group for 3 year old 

This group is for 3 year old students. The students learn to play and share together. Every week we follow the same routine. The curriculum is called "Kleuteruniversiteit" and "Doe meer met Bas" through which the students will be invited to talk in Dutch. Working around the themes will increase their vocabulary and understanding of the Dutch language. The students listen to stories, sing songs, color, do arts and crafts; all related to the theme of the month. The toddler group is an excellent way to start the Dutch language at this young age.

Kleutergroep - groep 1/2 - 4 to 6 year old - 2 years

4 year olds do more than just play together! Interest in stories, words and letters are important in the process of learning how to read. By stimulation this development we do rhymes, sing songs, read stories, and talk to each other during circle time.

With the 4 year old we mainly work with the curriculum "Kleuterplein". We teach them how to cut, paste, fold, paint etc, during arts and crafts time. These are important for their motor skills, eye-hand coordinations, knowledge of the colors and spacial insight.

Playing amongst 4 year olds is mostly a group effort, where social interaction, playing and sharing together, important skills are. We sing, play games in groups is an important addition. Students understand therefore the meaning of the space around them: in front, behind, next, across, round, straight etc. Also understanding of time is part of this (sometimes they have to sing slowly or just fast, and movements during the songs). The development of understanding numbers and quantity is stimulated through songs as well.(e.g: ‘Twee emmertjes water halen’, ‘Heb je wel gehoord van de Zevensprong’).

Group 3 (group 3A and 3B) - 1 or 2 years

The curriculum of group 3 is divided over two years, group 3a and 3b. We start reading and writing in 3a. By dividing the curriculum over 2 years, we can spend all the time we need to understand the Dutch letters and specific sounds (oe, ui, ie, ei, eu, au, ou, ij, e.g.) and is vocabulary important as well. We work with the new curriculum "Veilig Leren Lezen Kim-version". Group 3b is the second part following 3a.

Group 4 - 8 (about 2nd or 3rd to 6th grade)

Every student has a different background. Either they just arrived from the Netherlands or Belgium, or came from a different country where they kept up their Dutch, or are born here from Dutch speaking parents, or have a parent with a different language. Therefore we look at every student individually and assess what the best class is for this student. This way students can work on their own level. We teach vocabulary, spelling, reading, reading comprehension and all other parts of the language. We work with the curriculum "Taalactief IV".

Voortgezet Onderwijs - Secondary Education (from 7th/8th grade) (at school and online)

We work with the newest edition of the curriculum of Nieuw Nederlands. At the moment we only offer grade 1 level HAVO. If there is enough interest, other groups can also be started. 

There is the possibility (from 15 years) to take the CNaVT exams (Certificate Dutch as a Foreign Language). With this certificate (startbekwaam B2 or higher) students can show universities and colleges in the Netherlands and Flanders, that their Dutch is sufficient and they could apply to the school without having to take additional tests to prove their knowledge of Dutch.  CNaVT students 15+ may also qualify for "The Seal of Biliteracy (B1)" and credits for college (B1). For more information click here.

  • Learn Dutch as a second language (at school and online) - because of covid-19 these class are online right now.

Children (at school and online)

The age for these classes is 3 to 18 years old. In this group, the emphasis is mainly on understanding, understanding and speaking the Dutch language. It concerns students who are not yet fluent in the Dutch language and who do not speak Dutch at home. We use different language methods based on the level of the student. It is possible (from 15 years) to take the CNaVT exams (Dutch as a Foreign Language Certificate). For more information click here.

Adults (at school and online)

These lessons are for adults who want to learn Dutch. We use different language methods which are based on the level of the student. Lessons can be given at different levels (levels A to B2). It is possible to take the CNaVT exams (Dutch as a Foreign Language Certificate). For more information click here.

Currently, this education is offered through online private or group lessons. If there is enough interest we could either start online group lessons OR group lessons at one of our school in North Hollywood, Orange County of San Diego.

Dutch and Belgian Culture

Besides teaching the language we also offer Dutch and Belgian culture. As we have many Flemish students (from the Dutch speaking part of Belgium) not only the Dutch culture is important, but also the Belgian culture. We do this with several extra curricular activities throughout the year. These culture activities are part of the curriculum even though they take place outside the normal teaching hours and mostly in weekends. Parents are encouraged and invited to help in the running of these events and activities.

Libraries and media

All locations have access to library books. Depending on the space available there is a larger or smaller availability of library books.