• Native Language Classes
The Dutch School of SoCal is a Dutch Language and Culture school. Our regular classes are on Saturday mornings (right now these classes are online because of Covid-19). Dutch language proficiency is required for these classes.

The ages of the students range from 2 years to 16+ years. The students are divided over the following classes:

- Peuters - Toddlers 2 year olds (only at the North Hollywood school) and 3 year olds
- Kleutergroep/ groep 1-2 (4 to 6 year olds)
- Groep 3 divided in 3a and 3b (1st to 2nd grade) 
- G
roep 4 t/m 8 (3rd to 7th grade)
- Voortgezet
 onderwijs (from about 7th/8th grade)

Students are usually placed in the group where they belong in the Dutch/Flemish system. Students with different background can be placed in different groups. We select by knowledge of the language first and then by age.

Groups usually are not bigger than 10 students (except for toddlers). Depending on the group, we either split the group or have an assistant in the class. 

  • Dutch as a Second language classes                                                                                           

We now also offer at school or online classes for children and adults (group or private) who have little or no knowledge of Dutch and want to learn Dutch. No Dutch knowledge is required for these classes.

- Dutch as a second language
- Dutch for adults 


Teaching methods

All groups use professional, modern methods for Dutch-language education. Dutch and Flemish culture are also part of the program.

Quality of our classes

We use various methods to ensure that the quality of our student care remains anchored in daily practice and remains open to improvement. 

Our students

The students are from mixed American-Dutch families who are permanently established here and are interested in following a study in the Netherlands or Belgium. In addition, children from expats participate in our program.