Learn Dutch together with your child

Would you like to learn Dutch with your child? If you both do not speak Dutch yet and you would like to learn it because the other parent speaks Dutch or because you have family in the Netherlands or Belgium, then this is a unique opportunity. You will learn Dutch together in a fun and interactive way.

We have found that the parent and child have an awful lot of fun together and the results are amazing. Below you find a beautiful reference.


What did you do during the pandemic? I believe this question will be asked a lot when we’re finally through this crazy time. My son Max and I decided we would learn Dutch. Just, you know, as a break from Fall Guys, Roblox and Pokemon Go.
It’s been much more fun than we anticipated. Our teacher, Judith, is awesome and Quizlet is a really engaging and effective way of learning. We have a weekly zoom class with Judith and homework in between lessons. The progress we have made has surpassed my expectations and Max and I are looking forward to returning to Holland this summer with a big surprise for his many cousins.

Amid all the sadness that Covid has brought, it has provided us with an opportunity to spend much more time together as a family. Use this time wisely. Learn Dutch so your extended family can’t tell secrets about you while you’re in the room!