Online Distance Learning

If you do not live near one of our schools but would still like to take our Dutch lessons, our online private or group lessons are the solution. We have online lessons for all levels and all ages (from toddlers to secondary education).

Group classes: our group classes are small and vary from 3 to 5 students. Students learn together what positively influences language development and the social aspect is very important.

Private lessons: these are 1-on-1 lessons with our professional teachers where we can fully tailor the curriculum to the student and his / her level, so that the student makes big steps in a short time.

Extra info:
- We always try to match the lessons as closely as possible to the schedule of the students. 
- Our lessons take place via zoom. 
- All our students (online or at school) can always join our cultural activities. We have many fun events like skating, our yearly trip to LA Galaxy, King's day, potlucks, other nice festivals and cultural Dutch and Flemish events. You are really part of our Dutch community!

We also have online lessons for adults.

So if you live too far from a Dutch Language and Culture school please contact our director Laura Ligthart via to do an intake and schedule a trial class.