Parents references

A nice reference in covid-19 time

What did you do during the pandemic? I believe this question will be asked a lot when we’re finally through this crazy time. My son Max and I decided we would learn Dutch. Just, you know, as a break from Fall Guys, Roblox and Pokemon Go.
It’s been much more fun than we anticipated. Our teacher, Judith, is awesome and Quizlet is a really engaging and effective way of learning. We have a weekly zoom class with Judith and homework in between lessons. The progress we have made has surpassed my expectations and Max and I are looking forward to returning to Holland this summer with a big surprise for his many cousins.

Amid all the sadness that Covid has brought, it has provided us with an opportunity to spend much more time together as a family. Use this time wisely. Learn Dutch so your extended family can’t tell secrets about you while you’re in the room!

Two mothers of our North Hollywood school telling about the school.....

My daughter Lily will turn 5 soon and started a few weeks ago at the Dutch school in North Hollywood. She is in group 1/2 (4-5 year olds) with teacher Danielle and loves going to the 
lessons! Although her knowledge of Dutch is still limited (I am the only one who speaks Dutch 
at home), I noticed already a lot of progress! The unbridled enthusiasm of teacher Danielle and assistants Karen and Janna has certainly something to do with it! ! We are very impressed with the professionalism with which the lessons are prepared and we look forward to a wonderful 
school year. 

My son Max started last year at the Dutch school in North Hollywood. He started in group 1/2 
(4-5 year olds) and he loved his teacher Miss Danielle right away. She made the lessons a party and learning Dutch words became a joyful adventure. Meanwhile Max is 6 years old and is now 
in group 3 with Mrs. Janneke and Miss Alien. We as parents are very impressed with the quality 
of the lessons. Within a week, Max was not just playing with words, he overcame his reluctance 
to read. For us it is important that this year Max will be holding a good level of Dutch, because 
we will live a big part of the next year in the Netherlands and Max will go to school there. Given 
the level of the lessons we are confident that he will be doing well.