Admission procedure for primary education and secondary education

  • If you wish to apply or visit the school, the first step is contacting the school by filling out the contact request form on this website.

  • Admission is based on your children's Dutch language proficiency.

  • After we have been in contact with you and your child has gained admission, you can register your child on the registration page.

  • After Registration, an interview with the teacher takes place. During the interview the expectations of the parents and the school are matched. New students might be assessed.

  • In which class/group will my child be placed? The aim is to put children that are at the same level together. This provides a motivational learning enjoyment and a mutual bond between the child and the class. 

We now have toddler groups for toddlers of 3 years of age (at the North Hollywood school we have a group for 2 year olds).  We accept students up to 14 years old and we will place the student in the best class/group fitting their age and proficiency level. This will be decided after registration, the initial interview, and also by observation and evaluation of the student.

For any questions please contact our director Laura Ligthart via: