Fundraising is very important to our school. Especially now that the annual contribution from the Dutch Ministry of Education has significantly decreased. Our goal is to keep the tuition low in order
to have as many children enjoy the school every Saturday and learn their culture and language. 

The extra money from fundraising can help us maintain the quality of our Dutch language and 
culture program for our children. Dutch school of Southern California is a 501(c)3 organization. 
Your donations are tax-deductible in the United States. You will receive a letter of receipt for your 
tax deductible donation. Donations can be in the form of a financial contribution, but may also be a donation for our "raffle" or "silent auction" during our annual events such as Sinterklaas and King's day.

Two of our recent fundraisers:

Fundraiser with LA Galaxy, October 2018

Bloembollen fundraiser, Oktober 2017

Our parents in San Diego came with the idea to sell flower bulbs (typical Dutch). One parent in North Hollywood has a flower bulb company called Dutch Grown so this was a wonderful fit. Each student will sell these tulip bulbs and hopefully we will raise a nice amount of money. Parents also set up a booth at a close by shopping center and made promotion for the school by selling the tulip bulbs. There was a lot of interest.