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Our sponsors continue to inspire us to meet the highest standards and use our resources in the best possible way. We would not be able to continue our Dutch language and cultural education for Dutch children from Southern California without your unwavering support. Thank you!


Founded in 2009, WeTransfer is a creatively-minded file transfer service company whose founders came from design, marketing, and media. Cultivating the WeTransfer experience, our beautiful full-screen backgrounds, or wallpapers, allow our users to effortless transfer their ideas from one creative mind to many. Our mission is to help our users get in, and stay in, their creative flow -- that strange and beautiful state where everything comes together and great things happen. Having offices in both Amsterdam and Los Angeles, every month WeTransfer users send one billion files from 195 countries. www.wetransfer.com

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Albert Koetsier  -  www.beyondlight.com  -  ackoetsier@aol.com