Our sponsors

Our sponsors continue to inspire us to meet the highest standards and use our resources in the best possible way. We would not be able to continue our Dutch language and cultural education for Dutch children from Southern California without your unwavering support. Thank you!

                                                               SILVER SPONSORS

We have three new silver sponsors!


Albert Koetsier                                                                                                    www.beyondlight.com


The owner of Pharmacy PJ's Pharmacy & Compounding in San Diego is Marjolein Legge-Beekman, a parent from our school and Dutch! So please visit her pharmacy when you are in the neighborhood or call them to order as all medication can be send to your home.

PJ's Pharmacy & Compounding                                                                                                    3405 Kenyon St # 107, San Diego, CA 92110                                                                            Tel: 619-223-5404                                                                                                                             Email: info@pjs-pharmacy.com                                                                                                         www.pjs-pharmacy.com                                                                                                                     You will get a Dutch welcome! 


On our first King's day in Carson we have received a donation of 2,000$ from the NAF SoCal, The Netherland-America Foundation. The NAF Socal is herewith our first PLATINUM SPONSOR. The NAF regularly organizes readings and meetings and is known for its yearly Gala.
The NAF Southern California Chapter's mission is to exchange educational, cultural, business and other ideas amongst members of the Dutch-American community in Southern California.


We proudly announce our first Golden Sponsor: the NASNetherlands American Society of Southern California. Below you see the pictures. Click here for more information about the NAS and become a member. The NAS organizes many events: New year's reception, celebration of King's day, beach day, picnic, Sinterklaas etc.

Click here to see the latest Newsletter from the NAS with information about the coming events.