DSSoCal Structure

Dutch School of Southern California (DSSoCal) has three locations in Southern California: 

North Hollywood, Orange County en San Diego. 

Dutch School of Southern California is a non-profit organization with a school board. 

All three locations have a similar structure: they are the responsibility of the school board and the curriculum for all locations is the responsibility of the school director. 


The mission of DSSoCal is to provide high-quality Dutch* language and cultural education to Dutch-speaking children in Southern California. 

DSSoCal is is an organization that strives to offer a uniform education program in all its school locations. DSSoCal offers education in the Dutch language and culture in a positive and stimulating environment.


DSSoCal wants to contribute to the affirmation and strengthening of the Dutch bilingual and bi-cultural identity of the students, by paying attention to the Dutch language and culture and by creating a Dutch community in a foreign-language environment. We do this based on the philosophy that all cultures are equal and that knowledge of different cultures and one's own cultural heritage enriches one's personality. DSSoCal thus wants to contribute to the development of respect for others and for oneself.

School board 

Guus Minke (Chairman of the board, Orange County)

Rene Peerboom (Treasurer, North Hollywood)

Karina Schaake (Secretary, North Hollywood)

Willem Jan Evers (General board member, North Hollywood)

Simone Hanraads (Board member insurances and contracts, North Hollywood)

Theo van Erp (General board member, Orange County)

Joost Stokkel (General board member, San Diego)

Laura Ligthart, School Director, advisor to the board 

Teacher team


In March of 2000, the Dutch Consulate sent out a survey to potentially interested Dutch immigrants. The initial response group convened in a meeting with the previous Consul-General, Mr. J. Wever, representatives of the Stichting NOB. A provisionary Board and team of teachers were formed.

With the help of NOB and the Consulate, the DSLA-board and teachers managed to have the first Dutch School of Los Angeles up and running by September of 2000, starting off with about 30 students. The success of this school inspired parents and the board. In March of 2002 a second campus was opened in Orange County. Dutch School San Diego was initiated by local parents and by the Consulate General in Los Angeles, and joined the corporation DSLA. Lessons in San Diego started in September of 2002.

The name DSLA was chosen as abbreviation of Dutch School Los Angeles by the first board of the school. During the 2012-2013 school year, the name was changed to Dutch School of Southern California because that is a better description of the area that is served by the school.