Our friends from the Netherlands

  • Grandparents Goedemans - students Ella and Marc Goedemans 
  • Grandparents Nico and Riet Ligthart - student Aurelie Ligthart
  • Mr Stobbelaar and Mrs Bakker from Amsterdam - student Max Reine
  • Mr and Mrs List from Woerden - student Jayden van der List 
  • Family Koster from Bussum - student Max Reine
  • Stef te Winkel from Amsterdam - students Tristan and Selma Timpers
  • Mrs Ghijben-Wilod Versprille from Luxemburg - student Maaike Bradford
  • David and Grace Bradford - student Maaike Bradford
  • Grandparents van Engelen - student Esmee van Engelen
  • Bert Wolting - student Zoe Palotta
  • Trudy Stokkel - student Skye Blue Lengwenus
  • Family de Wilde from Kampen - student Mila de Wilde
  • Mrs Rinkel-Dekker - students Ryan en Sara Rinkel
  • Mrs Ferguson - students Felix and Ella Dennis
  • Family Reine from Eindhoven - student Max Reine
  • Grandmother Beekman from Amersfoort - students Lucas and Alex Beekman
  • Family Bruinzeel - student Zoe Bruinzeel
  • Leo and Anneke Andringa - students Liela and Po Andringa
  • Family Boom from Boxtel - student Beckett Boom

A financial contribution from family or friends of our students is welcome wholeheartedly.

It is important for children living abroad that they keep their own native language and culture. That's why many students come with pleasure to the Dutch School of Southern California every week.

Our school unfortunately can not exist without the financial support of parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, godparents, neighbors and friends. As part of the ActionFriends of Dutch School of Southern California” we ask you to support our school with an amount of 25, 50, 75, 100 euro or more. Everything is welcome and every little bit helps !

Especially now that the annual grant of 50,000 euros from the Dutch Ministry of Education has disappeared, your contribution is even more important. Dutch School of Southern California is a 501(c)3 organization. 

We would like to use your additional funds for purchasing new materials and new books for the library, as well as for teacher salaries, rent and insurance.

There are different ways to make your donation

  • You can make your donation directly on our Dutch account: Deutsche Bank Nederland N.V., Rekeningnummer: 0577067109, IBAN: NL03 DEUT 0577 0671 09 to Stichting Dutch School Los Angeles. Please mention the word "donation" in the memo and put "anonymous" in case you don't want us to put your name on this webpage.
  • You can also use PayPal                                                                                         You can also use a credit card without having a PayPal account through this option.

Become a friend of Dutch School of Southern California School and make your donation today, the children count on your support !

For more information please contact us per email info@dutchschoolsocal.org.